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Getting back in rhythm with the ocean 🔮
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   Hello my name is Zach Bucolo, owner and creator of Ital Bowls! Growing up in Martin County has been an amazing experience! Our community is completely surrounded by water and for myself and many of my peers, that has always been our way of having fun! Surfing, diving, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, kayaking, wake boarding ... you name it and we have done it! Shortly after graduating from Jensen Beach High School In 2012 I had the opportunity to move out to Hawaii and fulfill my passion of surfing some of the best waves in the world. Living out there for 4 years taught me so much about what I value as a person, and paved a path for me to go on my own voyage. While I was living on the islands I learned so much about the power food gives you, and really got to experience healthy eating habits for the first time in my life. Food became the highest priority in my routine because it kept me healthy and able to stay in the ocean surfing! 

   Ital Bowls food truck was a vision that came about when I was living on the North Shore of Oahu. I was eating açaí bowls daily at a local restaurant and loved them because they gave me quality energy without any crash, and allowed me to go back in the water and surf without feeling weighed down. I started to eat them twice a day and realized that my body would crave the nutrients I received from the bowls if I didn't have one that day. And then it suddenly struck me that I never ate this in Florida. I had a vision that I could bring back something I learned from Hawaii, and here it was! So... I did some research and came to the conclusion that our community on the Treasure Coast could truly use this style of eating. We needed change from your typical southern cooking. In my mind it just made sense to start up a food truck because the posobilities are endless! Being a mobile restaurant allows our business to reach out to the consumer, and makes it convenient for us to share our nutritious food with all different demographics of people.  

   When I decided to move back to the mainland and start building our food truck, it was quite a long process. We started actually building the truck into a restaurant in September of 2017. Being raised in Martin County was a blessing because I had so much help from other local businesses that wanted only the best for me. Everything just fell into place and I made some life long connections I will never forget. We built the truck mostly in Jensen Beach and it was a huge experience for myself because I learned the ins and outs of how to actually make a food truck come to life. So the full build took about 4 months to complete and our first day opening was January 1st, 2018. Since then we have been expanding our customer base and serving people with a smile daily! it is such a fulfilling feeling to see others enjoy our products and really makes it feel complete when people compliment about how our food makes them feel GOOD! Being a young entrepreneur is a gift because I feel like we need inspiration and especially from people our age. The future is all about the youth, and I 100% believe that we need to encourage healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle! I want to inspire and show others that eating healthy doesn't have to taste bad, and that you can feel a tremendous difference in your life by just choosing what you put in your body. I want to thank everyone who has supported our local business and can't wait to see Ital Bowls future... and you are all a part of it. Thank You!

- Zach Bucolo


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